I have been wanting to make Lidia Bastianich’s potato gnocchi since I made the dough for Gnocchi Ravioli with Spinach & Sausage. That recipe uses this easy to work with dough to make soft ravioli. I was anxious to use it for gnocchi. So, I boiled potatoes, put them through the ricer and was letting them dry when I dropped a pan on the lid of the glass flour canister. Glass shards everywhere, especially in the mound of potatoes.

It’s all Lidia’s fault. She has you dry the potatoes for a couple of hours. As luck would have it though I had some extra pumpkin that I had baked and ricotta cheese. I squeezed the pumpkin in a clean kitchen towel to remove excess moisture and dumped it into a large bowl. I added some ricotta, an egg and enough flour to make a soft dough. I rollled them out with plenty of flour and set them aside.


I boiled them for a couple of minutes and tossed them with melted butter, sage, parmesan, salt and pepper. They were delicious. Tomatoes from the garden and some grilled chicken thighs rounded out the plate.