Most likely it’s a combination of growing up in the mid-west and having parents that lived through the Great Depression that has made me frugal. Food waste* is so appalling to me. So, don’t live with me if you don’t like the occasional leftover. With me home Howard’s lucky, as I eat up leftovers for lunch frequently. I usually enjoy them too.

Friday I had roasted some sliced sweet potatoes that were spiced with Old Bay. They were really good, and that particular tuber was super sweet. So my mind had been working on the problem of what to do with the leftover slices. Somehow hash bubbled up to the top. Thinking about what I had in the freezer, I remembered I had some kalua pork from Lilian’s first birthday and bell peppers are always in there.

I diced up the sweet potatoes and peppers, and threw in a big handful the theP1050191 kalua pork. I got out the Joy of Cooking to figure out how it all gets bound together. It says to just mash it down in the pan with some sauteed onions. So, that’s exactly what I did. I cooked it all on one side as the recipe noted and then served poached backyard eggs on top. It was good, but could have used a little something to counter balance all P1050193the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. All in all a pretty good improvisation and I got rid of some leftovers.

*According the the LA Times, 40% of America’s food production is wasted. The article is very interesting: Save the planet by not wasting food.