When the weather is cool I love a good bowl of warmth. I’ve tried several kinds of seafood stew, but this one has to be one of the easiest and frugal. It starts out as a squid stew and you can eat it as it is or use it as a base to add more seafood to at the end. Today rather than simmer for two hours I put it into the pressure cooker and cooked it on high pressure for 15 minutes. The long simmer or pressure cooking makes the calamari very tender, the wine makes them crimson colored too. Using the calamari also gives this a more robust seafood/fish flavor. If you like a more gentle flavor try, my Quick Cioppino for Two.

The recipe says it serves four, but you can easily extend it with more wine, seafood stock or clam juice, another can or so of tomatoes and end up with enough for 8. Add some other fish and it will easily feed more.

I separated enough for our dinner, adding some shrimp and cod. Then I simmered for just a few minutes garnishing with parsley. I’ll pressure can the rest tomorrow. Then I can have a really quick meal on the table!