Back in 2000 when Martha Stewart made them on her show they called them Severed Fingers. I guess they deemed that name too gruesome and now call them Lady’s Fingers. They’re actually a pretty tasty cookie and look so cute.

Follow the link above for the recipe, it’s pretty easy. The dough gets put together like any cookie dough and put into the refrigerator. Then, paint up the blanched almonds with red food coloring. I found that you need a light touch or the color doesn’t come through. I made mine too dark and had to wash off some of the food coloring.

Then I took a package of Joe-Joe’s, which is Trader Joe’s version of Oreos, and scraped out the creamy center. Then I whirled it up in the food processor, leaving some larger bits so that it looks like soil. This part isn’t in Martha’s recipe, but it kind of shows in her presentation.
After the dough is chilled, you roll out pieces, squeeze them to make knuckles and then with the back of a knife make ridges on the knuckles. Brush with the egg white and press in the red almond fingernails. They get baked at 350°F for 12 – 14 minutes until lightly golden brown. If it’s humid like today you want to get a little more browning, so they’re more sturdy.

Find a nice pot for your presentation and fill in a false bottom. I used an old cream cheese container turned upside down, supplemented with newspaper. Then put in a liner of plastic wrap. Pour in your cookie crumb dirt. Make holes with your finger and gently push the finger cookies down into the dirt. Super cute, no?