I meant to take pictures and blog about the fried rabbit dinner I made for company last night, but alas I forgot to take pictures. The rabbit was good and most people wouldn’t have known it wasn’t chicken but for the odd shapes of the pieces. It was a big one, five plus pounds, and there were three pieces of saddle left over.

So, I thought I’d make two of my favorite Indian side dishes to go with it: Saag Paneer & Cauliflower with Onion & Tomato. I had some homemade paneer that I had made, frozen and thawed. As I cut it up for the recipe I tried a piece and boy had it “gone over.” Luckily, I had some firm tofu which is often used as a good substitute for paneer.

I spiced the tofu as the recipe says and fried it. The turmeric turns it a beautiful golden color.


I set the tofu aside and finished up the recipe, working on the cauliflower recipe at the same time. About half way I stuck the rabbit into the toaster oven to warm up.

The spinach, onion and spice mixture went into the blender and came out smoother than normal. I don’t know why.

With just a few minutes left I added some Trader Joe’s Naan to the toaster oven. We like the frozen one best.

It turned out to be a quite enjoyable dinner. Just hope that bite of bad paneer doesn’t take it’s toll.

P.S. The fried rabbit was based on this recipe for Crispy, Crunchy Fried Chicken.